Congratulations to all CUMA Long Service Award Recipients!

Each year, CUMA recognizes its members who’ve reached a long term service milestone.

Please join us in congratulating these Credit Union folks for achieving a long service award in 2023.

   25 Years of Credit Union Service:

Angela Reiter, Luseland CU

Glenda Smith, Foam Lake CU

Karen Diebel, Affinity CU

Lisa Taylor, Affinity CU

Verlyn Doetzel, Prairie Centre CU

Jason Bender, Conexus CU

Jackie Davis, Thrive Wealth Management, Conexus CU

Brandie Appel, Innovation CU

Tracy Williamson, Lafleche CU

Holly Matias, Turtleford CU

Darin McNabb, Prairie Pride CU

Brenda Yanke, Churchbridge CU

Marcia Greenwood, Affinity CU

Tana Torkelson, Weyburn CU

Glenn Cunningham, Affinity CU

  30 Years of Credit Union Service:

Karilyn Thiessen, Prairie Centre Credit Union

Maureen Nieth, Accent Credit Union

Tara Kaip, Weyburn Credit Union

Gord Thiel, Synergy Credit Union

Bev Brooks, Prairie Centre Credit Union

Juliette Zwarych, Cornerstone Credit Union

Brad Appel, Innovation Credit Union

Theressa Olson, Cornerstone Credit Union

Kathleen Olsson, Cornerstone Credit Union

Jeff Friesen, Conexus Credit Union

Tim Proseilo, Conexus Credit Union

  35 Years of Credit Union Service:

Scott Smith, Unity Credit Union

Darren Frisco, Raymore Credit Union

Guy Martin, Accent Credit Union

Roxanne Wiles, Radius Credit Union

Greg Moffat, Affinity Credit Union

Darren Doepker, Synergy Credit Union

Damon Syrota, Cornerstone Credit Union

Sheri Hanson, Cornerstone Credit Union

  40 Years of Credit Union Service:

Gerald Hauta, Unity Credit Union

Ann Favreau, Radius Credit Union

  45 Years of Credit Union Service:

Jayne MacDiarmid, Synergy Credit Union

Chandra Preece, North Valley Credit Union

  and 50 Years of Credit Union Service!

Lynette Houston, Radius CU

Roy Spence, North Valley CU

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